If I type these words specifically for you and you happen to see them does that mean it's fate?


Creative Commons
Fake friends
I dance around everyone like you, bending and folding myself the same way I did to fit wherever you needed me.
Lillian Aff
up in the sky
the clouds were cotton candy / were whipped cream peaks
Creative Commons
Bleeding watercolors
maybe every time I looked up to search for constellations I was never truly meant to find anything
Brennen Bariso
Caught up
have you thought about being something bigger than what we are?
Lillian Aff
deep in thought
anything worth doing is worth overdoing
taste my language / touch my repetition
You remind me of you
Which piece of glass did I leave in you?
The cosmos
how far to Sirius? Betelgeuse? Centauri? don't you know that's where I'm heading?
Towering beauty blinds the sky / The darling hazel lures them in / They who hack the lungs / The ones which bestow their breath
Lillian Aff
I looked down and my snow cone was melting
Creative Commons
stacks on stacks
University Library – colloquially known as “Main” – has been fondly compared to "a deconstructed Rubik’s cube on stilts."
Creative Commons
beyond smoke and ash
I love you, California
creative commons
tell me again
my summer morning on a winter night / you dip into my soul like a quill into ink
Creative Commons
getting to know you
An ode to fate, figures and the sanctity of strangers
Creative Commons
From Skokie to Squirrel Hill
"It feels like half of my heart is in Squirrel Hill."

On The Blogs

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This is not a study abroad blog
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This is not a study abroad blog
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Though Emma is all the way in South Africa, she can't escape the effects of the American election.
This is not a study abroad blog
"College taught me how to rely on myself and how to spend time alone. Spain challenges me to do the opposite."
This is not a study abroad blog
Despite what it may seem from the beautifully crafted social media presence, studying abroad can be hard.
This is not a study abroad blog
When a sign in a bathroom stall reminds you that you miss your Evanston home a lot
This is not a study abroad blog
In another installation of this non-blog, a student shares how important health is when abroad, and how hard it can be when your health fails on you.